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Having been to the meeting last night, and having made our presence known and a few of our opionions and plans for the year, we were able to take a tour around Bells Farm and have a look at what remains of the damage.

It seems that the damage to the main house was mostly water damage and some rather chared beams up in the roof, the arson attack had been at the back in the old scafolded area. The tarps there had caught fire and it had then burnt across the unused parts before it had started to burn through into the main house.

Down stairs had been refloored and replastered, waiting on the wall heaters to be fixed, and a final health and safety check.

Upstairs at first glance looked ok but still in need of a new carpet, and heaters are ok unlike down stairs, but there is basically a hole in the celling running the length of the back hall. The attic has got some beam damage, and no floor under the eaves, it looked worse but its an area that is least likely to be used by the general public.

Slightly worried that the living history bloke looks a lot like I expect Chris Hill to in 20 years or so
All in all, downstairs should be available again fairly soon and upstairs as soon as they can. One of the main problems in doing the renovations is waiting on the insurance money as between the council and Bell's Farm they have very little spare money.

We left the meeting to have a froth and plot in MacDonalds as to the possibility of a fund raising event and by the time we got home, we'd got a basic outline of a free form 1 night event, based period wise on 14-16th century with an East meets West intrege sort of theme to be run a Bell's farm later in the year.(hopefully)


[ profile] recycledgoth has also done a write up of the meeting on her journal, and summed it all up a lot more clearly than me.
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